StarFLEX Malva Ultra-Flexible Hard Wax

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StarFLEX Malva Hard Wax: Ultra-Flexible, Ultra-Effective

Size: 2.2lbs

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StarFLEX Malva Hard Wax uses active ingredients like titanium dioxide to soothe skin and minimize waxing discomfort while making removal more effective than ever thanks to its ultra-elastic formula. 

This wax spreads thinly and evenly over the largest surfaces without breakage and nourishes skin while leaving it smooth for longer.

  • Rosin-free, vegan & dermatologist-tested
  • Contains titanium dioxide to soothe skin & minimize discomfort
  • Ultra-thin and low-temperature application
  • Spreads evenly over large surfaces without breakage
  • Ultra-elastic formula allows for easy, effective removal
  • Ideal for facial, Brazilian & all full-body services