Upgrade Your Wax Wisdom with Starpil Webinars

Are you a licensed professional and want to become Starpil certified? We’ve got great news - with the Starpil University program of professional waxing courses, you’ll be able to become an expert on all things waxing and hone your skills as a professional and small business owner.

With these professional courses, you’ll learn about the history of Starpil, our cornerstone formulas (including our waxes and pre & post-wax care products), as well as marketing, service, tips, and techniques that will set you apart in your field.

Dive into the world of waxing

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Taylor is a licensed esthetician from the DMV. Her journey into esthetics began while searching for solutions to the effects that her previous career in event management would have on her skin.

Little did she know, her search for products and treatments to improve and maintain her skin health would result in a passion that would lead her from the world of event management to the skincare world. After enrolling in the Von Lee International School of Esthetics, her career began.

Waxing Course Benefits

Upon completion of these courses, you’ll receive complete product knowledge of Starpil Wax’s inventory of premiere professional products, as well as guidance on how best to use them during services.

In addition to this product training, these waxing courses also train students regarding how to perform services from start to finish, including Facial and Brazilian waxing, and tips for how to start and grow your salon.


Starpil U consists of a series of online courses taught by Brand Educator Taylor Wilson to provide product, brand, and business training to licensed estheticians looking to brush up and enhance their skills.