Black Film Hard Wax Beads (500g - 30lb)

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Black Film Hard Wax is a fusion of our Pink and Blue formulas to bring you double the performance. With the elasticity of Blue and the creaminess of Pink, it tackles all hair types. Loved by estheticians for Brazilian waxing, it leaves no hair behind.

Size: 500g

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Contains a hybrid formula that’s half-crystalline and half-creamy — providing all the benefits of both properties. Our versatile black hard wax hugs even the coarsest or shortest hairs for complete removal, without sticking to the skin. Making it ideal for use on large areas and hard-to-remove hairs.

  • No cracking or breaking and flexibility for covering large areas
  • Perfect for removing coarse body hair and men’s facial hair
  • Less set-up time and quick cooling for more services per day
  • Low-temperature application for maximum client comfort
  • Gentle pull to reduce pain and sensitivity
  • Easy to measure, cools and sets quickly, and has fast meltdown capabilities