In the world of professional estheticians, it’s all about the three Rs… results, reputation, and ROI. None of these things are possible without the highest-quality wax formulas on hand. 

Finding the best wax is pivotal for ensuring not only the efficacy of hair removal but also for enhancing client satisfaction. Get ready to elevate your business, one Starpil product at a time! 

Stripless Hard Waxes

Starpil offers a wide variety of stripless hard wax beads that cater to fine and coarse hair types, plus sensitive, aged, and acne-prone skin types. Having top-tier formulas that allow those of all skin and hair types to wax comfortably yet effectively is key to keeping them coming back for repeat services. Some of our hard wax go-to’s are:

Pink, Blue, and Black Film Hard Wax Beads - Rosin-Free

A fresh take on old favorites, Starpil’s lineup of rosin-free film hard wax beads is perfect for professionals of all types. Formulated without pine rosin, these formulas cater to sensitive skin and remove hair gently yet efficiently with zero risk of post-wax irritation. The bottom line? Your clients will love it. 


Available in three varieties. Our Pink Film Hard Wax is a mellow formula made for very sensitive skin, while our Blue Film Hard Wax Beads are flexible enough to grip even the coarsest hairs. Additionally, Black Film Hard Wax Beads contain both creamy and crystalline properties that make it some of the best wax for professionals.

Starsoft Film Hard Wax Microbeads

The Starsoft Film Hard Wax Microbeads are a holy grail for hypersensitive skin, known for superior performance. These beads meltdown with maximum efficiency and provide a smooth application over large areas. The addition of polymer grants exceptional flexibility, making it a go-to choice for those aiming for impeccable hair removal results without causing skin irritation​​.

Coral Film Hard Wax Beads

Skincare and hair removal collide with the Coral Film Hard Wax Beads, made with Mediterranean coral powder and mica for a smooth and shimmering complexion. This glow gives estheticians a reputation boost as a full-service personal care provider, as opposed to simply a waxer.

The minerals present help the skin to recover quickly post-wax while preventing inflammation and detoxifying for a brighter look. It regenerates and revives nearly all skin types. 

Natural Soft Strip Wax

Designed for ease of use and efficient hair removal, the Natural Soft Strip Wax is ideal for larger body areas and clients who prefer traditional strip waxing techniques. Made with two standout ingredients, this formula ensures a smooth application and is effective on different hair types. Offering a balance between gentle skin care and incredible hair removal.

Soft & Roll-On Waxes

Soft waxing is a more traditional method of waxing, but doesn’t mean it’s antiquated. Our soft and roll-on waxes make this method more gentle, yet effective than ever. 

Using soft wax is generally due to waxer preference, but our patented roll-on waxing system allows you to use the soft wax you prefer while cutting service times in half. Also eliminates possible waxing messes and reduces the risk of cross-contamination for hygienic services. Our professionals love the following soft and roll-on formulas:

Calendula Roll-On Wax

Calendula Roll-On Wax always has your back…and face and chest, too! This formula combines the soothing properties of calendula, tea tree oil, and Vitamin E, with the convenience of roll-on application for efficient hair removal and healthy skin. Perfect for those providing a gentle, efficient, and hygienic waxing service, especially for acne-prone or sensitive skin.

Vegan Roll On Wax

Echoing Starpil’s commitment to sustainable beauty and vegan skincare, the Vegan Roll-On Wax is formulated entirely from plant-based ingredients. This product will be a hit with clients who prefer a more eco-friendly approach to personal care, with superb hair removal and an approach to sustainability. Also streamlining the waxing process by removing every last strand while cutting service times in half.

The Starpil Wax Promise For Pros

Starpil Wax products are designed with pro estheticians in mind, helping them to meet the high standards of beauty while maintaining their signature methods. 

These waxes provide swift applications and impeccable results, helping to boost business potential by enhancing the value of each service. With a blend of quality, performance, and variety, your business will be better than ever.


Yes, waxing can be a very profitable venture. MarketWatch.com’s market analysis states the hair removal wax market is projected to grow to an estimated $10.5 billion in worth by 2028. With proper money management, education, and marketing strategies, you can have solid revenue within a few years.

Absolutely not! It's common for businesses to not see a profit, even if you’re doing everything correctly. As you build up your client base and refine your services, you’ll learn and adapt to ensure long-term success.

As your business stabilizes, consider expanding your service offerings, hiring additional staff, or opening new locations. Stay informed about industry trends and consider additional certifications or specialized training to broaden your expertise and attract a wider clientele.

This is dependent on your working style and business growth. However, if you find yourself with more clients or internal paperwork than you can handle, hiring a part-time contractor could be the solution.

For instance, an accountant could help you identify esthetician tax write-offs and maximize your ROI, while an assistant is ideal for scheduling appointments or ordering supplies. 

This is a major business decision, but can also be a lifesaver for those who need support.

Are you passionate about improving others’ well-being and confidence through waxing? You’ll make a great esthetician. It takes a strong leader to run their own business — with the ability to be resourceful, analytical, personable, and adaptable.

Being a business owner means that you’re responsible for everything, from inventory and customer retention to financial aspects. This also comes with the perks of a flexible schedule, setting your prices, and personal satisfaction.

It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons and determine if this is a fit for you.