Pink Film Hard Wax Microbeads - Rosin Free

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Our creamy Rosin-Free Pink Film Hard Wax Microbeads are infused with titanium dioxide for a smooth and soothing hair removal experience.

Free from Pine Rosin to minimize skin irritation, this formula is ideal for sensitive skin. Perfect for fine to medium hair, our wax ensures a thin, efficient application. Experience a comfortable hair removal process from start to finish.

Size: 500g

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Pink Film Hard Wax is the perfect hair removal product for sensitive skin — designed to keep redness and irritation to a minimum while remaining tough on hair. Now reformulated, that’s more gentle on the skin and allows to spread wax more thin, our Rosin-Free Pink Film Hard Wax is available in sample sizes as well as in bulk to suit your needs.

Microbead technology makes the waxing process much easier — with desensitizing properties and quick meltdown for smoother services. Beauty and science collide, tightly hugging even the finest vellus hairs for smooth skin and maximum comfort.

  • Improved flexibility
  • Reduces redness and inflammation in reactive skin types
  • Removes the finest, short hairs from the root without breakage
  • Gentle pull that reduces pain and sensitivities
  • Low-temperature application for maximum client comfort

Easy to measure, cools and sets quickly, and has fast meltdown capabilities.