Starsoft Film Hard Wax Microbeads (2.2lb - 30lb)

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Starsoft Hard Wax Beads are hypoallergenic and designed for a luxury waxing experience. Free from parabens, rosin, fragrance, and dyes, this formula ensures comfort and effectiveness with pain-reducing ingredients. It has a low working temperature and creamy gel texture, providing optimal results. Essential for busy professionals and the most sensitive skin clients.

Size: 2.2lb

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Starsoft hard wax is the most luxurious hard wax for hypersensitive skin on the market. This Starpil exclusive helps clients feel smoothed and soothed for a comfortable and one-of-a-kind waxing experience.

These hypoallergenic microbeads meltdown quickly, featuring neurosensory properties that leave even the most sensitive, dry, or mature skin types soothed throughout the waxing process.

Our innovative formula contains active ingredients like tamanu oil and Vitamin E to reduce signs of aging and help relieve redness and irritation.  If you're looking for the most gentle waxing experience available, look no further than Starsoft Hard Wax Microbeads.

  • Neurosensory properties dull pain
  • Reduces irritation or inflammation post-wax
  • Waxes hypersensitive, dry, or aged skin types comfortably
  • Excellent for use on all skin types
  • Low-temperature application for maximum client comfort
  • Gentle pull to reduce pain and sensitivity
  • Easy to measure, cools and sets quickly, and has fast meltdown capabilities