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Vegan Hard Wax, crafted with plant-based ingredients like almond, chamomile, sweet cotton, shea butter, and olive oils. This moisturizing formula offers a gel-like consistency and features the lowest working temperature in the Starpil catalog. Vegan wax is effective on all hair and skin types, leaving clients’ skin silky and hydrated.

Size: 2.2lb

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This moisturizing and soothing fusion of natural treatments blends skincare and smoothness for an unmatched beauty experience. 

Great results are guaranteed with this PETA-certified vegan wax, which is perfect for full-body use. Vegan wax beads provide users with phenomenal results without the use of animal products or unnatural ingredients.

  • Moisturizing without the use of honey
  • Ultra-pliable and spreads evenly without breaking or cracking
  • Antioxidant-rich and nourishing to the skin 
  • Low-temperature application for maximum client comfort
  • Gentle pull to reduce pain and sensitivity
  • Easy to measure, cools and sets quickly, and has fast meltdown capabilities