Introducing Limited-Edition
StarFLEX Hard Wax

Unlock Ultra-Flawless Skin:

Remove all hair types easily, minimize waxing discomfort, and suitable for large areas without breakage with the all-new, limited-edition Hard Wax. Created with amazing results in mind, this super elastic formula is exactly what you need for easy, comfortable removal and flawless results on the face and full-body areas. Experience the difference for a limited time!

New StarFLEX Lineup

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Prep Skin for Summer with the Ultimate Ultra-Flawless Bundle

Our StarFLEX Bundle combines waxing results with antioxidants, moisture, and hydration for skin for ultra-smooth results. Pair our new limited edition StarFLEX Blue &  Malva Hard Waxes with our Pre & Post-Wax Care lineup and Jelly Mask to leave skin glowing. Get ultra-smooth skin with this all-star lineup—only for a limited time!

From the easy application and removal, our StarFLEX formulas provide to the intense moisture and antioxidants our Jelly Mask and pre & post-wax care bring, your clients will be coming back for more with this limited-edition bundle.

The Power of Malva: What’s the StarFLEX Difference?

The limited edition StarFLEX Malva Hard Wax from Starpil is one of a kind—but what sets it apart? 

  • Rosin-free, vegan & dermatologist-tested
  • Contains titanium dioxide to soothe & minimize discomfort
  • Spreads thinly over large surface areas without breakage
  • Super flexible formula allows for easy, effective removal
  • Perfect for facial & full-body services

What Can StarFLEX Blue Do for You?

Starpil’s limited-edition StarFLEX Blue Hard Wax reinvents elasticity and spreadability for your easiest services yet—with amazing results!

  • Rosin-free, vegan & tested by dermatologists 
  • Minimizes discomfort on sensitive skin
  • The ultra-elastic formula allows for easy spreadability & removal
  • Grips and removes all hair types with ease
  • Perfect for facial & full-body services without breakage