500g Hard Wax Bundle (3-Pack)

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Unlock Easy Full-Body Services with Starpil’s Original Hard Wax Trio

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Starpil’s Blue, Pink and Black Film hard wax formulas are known for their flexibility, low-temperature application, fast meltdown, and amazing client results on all areas. This hard wax trio makes it easy to provide complete amazing services while providing a convenient, accessible way to try out these amazing formulas at your salon. 

  • Pink Film Hard Wax: Ideal for removing fine hairs from sensitive areas like the face, underarms, and bikini area. 
  • Blue Film Hard Wax: Blue Hard Wax spreads evenly and thinly across even the largest surface areas for effective removal of all hair types. 
  • Black Film Hard Wax: This hybrid wax removes coarse or short body hairs with ease without sticking to the skin.

  • Ideal for full-body waxing
  • No strips are needed for the removal
  • Spreads easily over large surface areas without breaking or cracking
  • Low-temperature application & quick cooling
  • Easy to measure