Double Hard Wax Warmer - 2lb

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Double your service efficiency with a pro-quality design built for reliable performance. Always have two Starpil wax wells to go, featuring individual on/off temperature controls makes it a must-have for any Esthie who wants to increase their efficiency. Includes a complimentary sample bag of our award-winning waxes. (Limited time offer)

Choice of Wax: Rosin-Free Pink Film Beads

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The Starpil Double Hard Wax Warmer contains two warmers that can hold 1 lb of hard wax beads or tablets. These dual wells have their own operating systems, which give you the capability to heat up to 2.2 lbs of hard wax formulas efficiently and evenly, regardless of their meltdown or application temperatures. They also can fit soft wax cans, making it convenient to use one side for hard wax and one side for soft wax if needed.  

Pro Tip:Starpil soft wax cans can also fit in this warmer so you can use one side for hard and one side for soft if needed.

  • Indicator light
  • Adjustable heating dial ranging from 45°C to 105°C
  • Dual wax pots for double warming
  • Holds 1 lb loose hard wax beads or tablets in each well
  • Dual insulated lids for even warming
  • Dual on/off switches & adjustable heat dial
  • Includes FREE choice of 2.2lb Pink, Blue, or Black film beads (rosin-free), or 2.2lb Starsoft Microbeads.

**1-YEAR WARRANTY: Starpil PRO wax warmers have a one-year replacement warranty if it has heating issues. If you have any issues with your warmer within one year of the purchase date, you can send it back to us for our technicians to evaluate. If the warmer is damaged due to a manufacturing issue, we’ll send you a brand-new wax warmer. For more information, please contact us at or 305-907-0756.

Also, you can always upgrade your warranty to our extended wax warmer care program to ensure you are always protected! Learn more here.