Seaweed Roll-On Wax (extra strength)

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Our #1 formula for male full-body waxing services. The strongest formula in our roll-on wax collection, it works beautifully on thick coarse hair and features a creamy application. Allowing for a comfortable waxing experience while getting every hair in one pull!  Our roll-ons are recommended for full legs, chest, back, and arm waxing.

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Starpil's Seaweed roll-on wax cartridges feature the same capabilities as our go-to roll-on waxes but with a fresh, earthy aroma of seaweed. Are you ready to sea what all the fuss is about with this top-rated hair removal tool?

This wax allows you to cut service times in half while removing hair effortlessly from full-body areas. It’s especially effective at removing men’s body hair, with the power to grip even the coarsest strands. This brings both a touch of confidence and a more diverse client base to any esthetician.

Seaweed roll-on wax is available in singles or a 20-pack.

* Roll-on waxes are designed to be used for arms, legs, back, chest, and stomach. Not to be used for Brazilians, underarms, or facial waxing.

Check your state's boards/regulations for professional use. Not legal in all states.

  • Low-temperature application
  • Limits cross-contamination & is ultra-hygienic
  • Provides full-body services on a single charge
  • Liposoluble, creamy soft texture for an ideal pull
  • Semisolid for maximum pliability and spreadability