Original Blue Film Hard Wax Microbeads - 30lb

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Starpil’s 30lb Blue Film Hard Wax is perfect for busy estheticians who want their go-to wax at the lowest price per pound. This 30lb box of Blue Film Hard Wax will allow you to get this full-body wax without having to constantly reorder for your busy salon.

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    Bring clients of all skin types, hair types, and waxing needs hair removal with a low application temperature and easy removal with this great formula.

    This best-selling hard wax is essential for all full-body waxing services and serves as a universal wax for clients of all needs. 

    CoPolymer, Colophonium (Rosin) Glyceryl Rosinate, Beeswax, Cera Alba Microcrystalline Wax, Paraffin, Peg-3 Dirosinate, Ethylene/VA, BHT, Mineral Oil

    • Low-temperature application
    • No hair removal strips needed
    • Removes short and coarse hairs from the root without breakage
    • Allows for a fine application layer & a quicker setting time
    • Soft pull to reduce pain and sensitivities
    • Fast meltdown capabilities
    • All skin & hair types
    • Wholesale size for convenience