Achieve the perfect summer glow for your clients with Starpil’s Hard Wax Favorites!

Offer ultra-flexible, ultra-thin StarFLEX, dazzling Glitter Hard Wax, and rosin-free options that minimize irritation. Give your clients the confidence to embrace endless beach days with smooth, shimmering skin.

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girl waxing legs

StarFLEX: Ultra-Elastic & Ultra-Effective

Effortlessly apply and remove this ultra-flexible, ultra-thin wax that spreads easily over large areas and minimizes discomfort.

The Ultimate Full-Body Wax

Rosin-free, low-temp, and fast-drying, this is your go-to hard wax for minimizing discomfort and achieving perfect results.

Shine Bright with Jade and Gold Glitter Waxes

Our Glitter Waxes provide smooth application and effective removal, ideal for all skin and hair types.