Starpil Wax is approaching its 40th anniversary! We’re excited to celebrate our many decades in the waxing industry and the impact we’ve made on the industry.


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With 40 years in the waxing industry under our belts, we’re proud to continue to consistently innovate and create the best waxing products for all professionals and their clients. We can’t wait to continue this journey with you! 

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The History of Starpil

In 1984, Jesús Bonan Solé started Starpil’s parent company Maystar. He manufactured depilatory waxes and cosmetic products from his home garage to create innovative, high-quality products for professional beauty salons. 

In 1991, Solé invented and patented the roll-on waxing system, completely revolutionizing modern waxing. This system took the waxing world by storm and led to the expansion and internationalization of Starpil. Now operating in 65 countries. 

Starpil Wax USA

Entrepreneur Saul Ortiz partnered with Starpil in 2007 to bring the company to the United States, where it’s now America’s most widely used waxing brand. Before becoming Starpil’s CEO, Ortiz had spent years learning about the import and export trade. 

Saul’s embrace of cutting-edge marketing tactics and the creation of high-quality waxing products has allowed Starpil Wax USA to become a trusted brand by professionals nationwide.

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Innovation in Professional Waxing

Discussing our history wouldn’t be right without touching on the game-changing products we’ve created.

  • Blue Film Hard Wax
  • Blue Film sets a high bar for hard waxes everywhere. As a professional go-to, this wax makes full-body services simple and efficient. 

    With its complete removal of short and coarse hairs, Blue Film is an essential hard wax for every professional. Its continued evolution has resulted in our latest Rosin-Free Blue Hard Wax.

  • Starsoft Hard Wax
  • A cult favorite for hypersensitive, dry, or aged skin, Starsoft reduces pain and sensitivity during waxing with amazing results. 

    With active ingredients like Butycyclohexanol to dull sensitivity and nourishing ingredients to leave skin smooth and glowing, this hypoallergenic formula leaves even the most reactive skin feeling and looking its best. 

    Roll-On Wax

    If you couldn’t tell, we can’t get enough of our roll-on wax! Paired with our cordless roll-on wax warmer, this system eliminates cross-contamination, mess, and interaction with wax. 

    Our roll-on wax cartridge applies wax directly to the skin before removing it with wax strips. Its innovative and efficient design cuts waxing times in half to maximize convenience and allows estheticians to see more clients per day.

    5lb Hard Wax Warmer

    Our most-loved products don’t stop with our waxes. The 5lb Hard Wax Warmer, known for its reliability and efficiency, has been an asset to business owners and estheticians for years. 

    A 2023 Dermascope Aesthetician’s Choice Winner, this warmer heats up to 120°C, has removable tin inserts for easy formula swaps, and provides complete control over wax consistency. 

    30lb Hard Wax Boxes

    It’s no secret that salons use a lot of wax, and it can be tough to keep up with demand. That’s why we created our 30lb Hard Wax wholesale sizes

    These boxes allow estheticians to save money by buying in bulk and benefiting from wholesale pricing, all while saving them from constant reordering. Available in our Rosin-Free Blue, Pink, and Black formulas, as well as Starsoft, Calendula, Coral, and Vegan

    13.2lb & 22lb Hard Wax Boxes

    Our wholesale sizing won’t be limited to 30lb sizing for much longer! 13.2lb and 22lb Hard Wax boxes are coming soon for those with demand spread out across a wide array of formulas or those who don’t need 30lb boxes at a time. With the same range of formula options, these boxes expand wholesale pricing and sizing for any business size or demand.

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    Final Thoughts

    Over the past 40 years, Starpil has grown to become a highly respected wax brand by professionals worldwide. We consider estheticians when creating new formulas or warmers and aim to innovate new ways to get the best results possible for clients of all hair and skin types. 

    We understand that every business’ clientele is unique, and dedicate ourselves to delivering a waxing experience that’s comfortable and effective for anyone who walks into your salon. 

    We proudly stand behind our products’ excellence and remain committed to quality and dependability. With the past four decades in mind, we continue bringing this mindset into the future and offer consistently excellent products.

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